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18 Nestle Crt, Arthurs Seat, Victoria 3936, Australia - M: 0400 768 539 - E: [email protected]

  • Absolutely bloody fantastic. The views and the romantic atmosphere made our engagement a beautiful life long memory. Love & Strength.
    Mark & Kelly
    15th May 2011

  • .... this view which words cannot describe...

  • "Very relaxing, stunning views."
    David & Natalie
    4 November 2009

  • .... the amazing comfy bed ....

  • "We arrived later than expected from work to be greeted by soft music, fantastic views of the bay and the smell of warm bread which we quickly tucked into; we were instantly relaxed."
    Sarah & Justin
    15th - 17th September 2006

  • Wow and Amazing are the 2 words we kept saying  throughout our stay .......

  • "We have discovered your secret - this is a truly magical place. Thank you for sharing it with us, we will return."
    Sophie & Scott
    May 2007

  • A beautiful place to share a special moment together. 

    A lovely view a great place to getaway....

    Fantastic little getaway.....

  • "Peace - a small place in the world where I feel at peace; Food - wonderful fresh food; we feel so cared for. Picture from our window - where heaven meets earth. What a wonderful planet we live on - thankyou for sharing your corner of beauty."
    Regards, Peter & Linda
    27th - 29th August 2005

  • "What a fantastic getaway!
    The views are amazing, such a beautiful place. A perfect place to spend with my partner after not seeing her for 8 months! Thanks Andrew, your service was exceptional!"
    Nang & Paveena
    July 2007

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